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jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Karena Karras

I was born in Chicago. My chilwood memories are made up Old Chicago alleyways, tenements, red brick and cement played against the lush greenery and ponds of the nearly Park. I began drawing and painting when I was four years old. In my work I attempt to explore the interconnectedness of all things. I spend much of my time reading books on mythology, pshicology, philosophy, metaphysics, alchemy and the world of dreams.
Nací en Chicago, los recuerdos de mi niñez estan compuestos de los viejos callejones , casa de ladrillos y cemento que contrastan con la exhuberante vegetación y las lagunas del cercano Parque. Comencé a dibujar y pintar cuando tenía cuatro años. En mi trabajo intento explorar la interrelación de todas las cosas. Dedico mucho de mi tiempo leyendo libros sobre mitología, psicología, filosofía, metafísica alquimia y el mundo de los sueños.

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  1. I felt that I was at "The Dinner Party" when I was painting this piece - it became more real for me than this so called reality we live our day to day lives in - it is the largest painting I have done and the last one I completed done in 2008 - blood sweat and tears went into this piece as just after I was done painting it two family members died and I have not painted since - I am just now slowly getting back to work - a lovely place for it to be Beatriz

  2. Hello Karena
    I feel the pain that you caused the lost of your two family members, I hope fervently that you restart your new artwork and please tell me when you finished your new work for I can comment and post in my blog.
    Blessing dear friend

  3. Hello Beatriz
    Karena is a great surrealist artist!