Beatriz Alarcón García

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Karena Karras ( Hybrid )

Trough my painting I attempt to reveal the hidden or the occult part of the psyche that we touch upon in the dream state. Much of the imagery in my work comes spontaneously into my mind in the form of a completed image or is done automatically using a very old technique or process called "decalcomania", which was taken to new height by the surrealist artist Max Ernst.
A través de mis pinturas intento revelar la oculta o secreta parte de la psique que nos afecta en el estado del sueño. Gran parte de las imágenes en mi trabajo vienen espontánea- mente a mi mente en forma de una imágen completa o se realiza automáticamente mediante una técnica muy antigua o proceso llamado "decalcomanía", el cual fue llevado a altas dimensiones por el artista surrealista Max Ernst.

2 comentarios:

  1. I agree with you Beatriz that one feels a painting and sees with the inner eye - this is how I paint - thank you for adding this piece to your wonderful site - this painting now belongs to the UK surrealist poet Anthony Pritchard as a thank you for all the wonderful work he did on our book "MirrorRealms"

  2. Hello Karena
    You tell me, please about the book "MirrorRealms" and the poet Anthony Pritchard, how did you know him?