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jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

Alejandro Silveira Bruno (pop condor)

Alejandro Silveira Bruno was born in
Montevideo-Uruguay in 1951.
He is dedicated to teaching and
investigate Visual Arts.
Engraver for excellence, his career
begin at an early age investigating
all sorts of techniques till 1995,
where he begin to acomplish
Digital Art throught Photoshop
as his inseparable tool.
Alejandro Silveira Bruno nació en Montevideo-Uruguay en 1951. Se dedica a enseñar e investigar las Artes Visuales. Grabador por excelencia, comienza su carrera a edad temprana investigando todo tipo de técnicas hasta 1995, donde comienza a realizar Arte Digital a través del Fotoshop como su herramienta inseparable.

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  1. I love it!
    I really love your blog. You've done a great job gathering beautiful images and music. really enjoyed it. thanks! I'm following you and will check back.
    I also wanted to share my blog with you. I use it to show some of my work and work in progress. I have a tumblr address too, which is a visual dialogue on patterns in nature. hope you like them.

    Peace and Love