Beatriz Alarcón García

martes, 3 de marzo de 2009


Escucha las olas del mar,
llegan y se van, vuelven y se van
y continua el ciclo sin fin,

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  1. Escucha las olas del mar, or " listen to the waves of the sea ", is a very marvelous and fantastic painting. The gastropod mollusc , which is a favorite of many people to listen to sea waves inside its cavity " apart from sea ", is considered here as the hero of this painting.My feeling and imagination, here that the two girls are not at sea-side, but they are listening and dreaming with the sea and its waves. Using the sea as a background, is to show how much " sea world " is attracting and wonderful. This very nice tableau,is containing many real and imaginary objects:fish, sea-horse and imaginary submerged Palace,imaginary horse and some one from imaginary tales. This beautiful collection leave " a comprehensive
    wonderful and lovely dream to every body", and take them to the prehistoric fantastic stories !!!!