Beatriz Alarcón García

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

A. Andrew Gonzalez (Amore)

"My first calling to paint was inspired by the Visionary and Fantastic Art traditions and by my interest in mysticism, symbolism and archetypal psychology. I became obsessed with perfecting my drawing and reviving a classical sensibility within a modern visionary aesthetic. By exploring the technique of letting go and allowing my subconscious impulses to come to the fore while drawing, I soon realised that my creative imagery can be used as a mirror to reveal the archetypal depths of the psyche. For over twenty years the core of my imagery has centred on the revival of the sacred feminine in an eternal dance of rebirth. Over the years, inspired by the revelatory power and primacy of the beautiful, I have come to view my work as mystical love poems to the soul."

6 comentarios:

  1. Awesome & beautiful artistic propousal.

  2. I adore this painting : )
    thank you for sharing Beatriz

  3. Wonderful site !!!! keep it up Thanks for linking me to it :) LOve the title Imagine
    --Joseph Strange

  4. Thanks Ameer and Joseph for to share with me the art.

  5. Esto de no saber ingles es una desventaja enorme, pero igual algo pude leer y me gusto mucho, maravilloso...

  6. No importa José Miguel, entendiéndote yo basta,
    felices Pascuas.