Beatriz Alarcón García

jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Sándor Badacsonyi (Caissa and Venus)

The artist increases the meaning with artificial wings where he mingles the vegetal and geological shapes. Beld rocks or rampant jungles domineer the landscape. Badacsonyi is arcing upwards directed by charisma and talent. El artista aumenta el contenido semántico general con bastidores artificiales también, donde mezcla artísticamente las formas vegetales y geológicas. Rocas estériles o selvas exuberantes predominan en el paisaje. Badacsonyi está ascendiendo y le guían el carisma y el talento.

8 comentarios:

  1. This is one more a great surrealist artist that you choice to show us Beatriz!
    Great brightness!

  2. The female nudes painted by women artists look like the subject of the paintings, instead of the objects for looking at. That is a positive difference.

  3. Dear Beatriz!

    Thank you very much for the featuring! Nice words!

    Best regards,

    Sándor Badacsonyi

    P.S.: Dear Naval! I don't really understand your words. I'm still male.

  4. thanks for this art visuals.. i think its a dreaming image of a youth ..

  5. Kamal El Deeb Wrote: The artwork by Badacsonyi is some what amazing combines between surealism and realism, from my point of view. Realism here, is illustrated by the woman with her natural beauty and the surrounding snails ( gastropods}.In the other hand, surealism is symbolised by intruducing Venus ( God of Beauty)
    in the main frame work. The intended role of the fantastic Venus is to bring a strong feeling towards natural beauty of the woman and the other objects. Really, the woman is extremely beautiful, in all her details, in addition to the wonderful beauty of snails.Using Chess parts inside the painting, may be to give an impression that beauty may be achieved not only naturally, but also due to intelligence and cleverness ( as it was mentioned by Beatriz to be an artificial wings). The absolute silence for both the woman and Venus , assures more feeling with the aimed views ( the silent beauty).The mosaic background with its interactions leads to more and more scopes for imagination !!

  6. Hello dear friends
    You are right Santiago ribeiro, Sándor is a great surrealist artist, I agree with you.

    Naval, Sándor is a man, a great male artist. :)

    Dear Yogendra and Sayed
    Ciertanly the artwork´s Sándor is a dream, a wonderful dream.

    Dear Kamal
    Sándor belong to romantic surrealism, he aso sees to the woman like monumenatl female figure, sometimes to express the insecurity in time and space.
    Figures and objects are placed beside each other in a stage, like space irrationally, their farfetched combination make the coherent stories alive.
    Best regards dear friends

  7. so beutiful , i like this one
    best choice beatriz
    sam refaat