Beatriz Alarcón García

lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

Leda and swan (Steven Kenny)

"Our inner landscapes are equally as equally as mysterious, dangerous and beautiful as the external world".
"Nuestros paisajes interiores son tan misteriosos, peligrosos y bellos como el mundo exterior".

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  1. Hola Beatriz, gracias por la importante labor que realizas en pro de la pintura. El Arte nos une a través de las distancias. Saludos desde Panamá!
    Osvaldo Herrera Graham

  2. I really love this

  3. El ser atrevido es uno de los fundamentos del arte en este caso ¿quien será mas atrevido? ¿la dama? ¿el cisne? o ¿el artista al plasmar esta escena? todo que a la libre interpretación del espectador

  4. ¿O quién lo publica?, o ¿quién lo comenta?,
    libre interpratación Eliso, saludos :)
    Saludos Osvaldo y Thiantana

  5. really, every your blog is very fantastic and too very romantic
    i'm happy to know great artist like you

    best wish from deep heart


  6. This painting must be enjoyed and examined carefully not to write : I like it or it is fantastic or romantic .An artistic overview, scientific understanding and real feel of beauty should be regarded to this work.1- The sincere relation between Leda and the swan is clearly observed, naturally we never see such kind of relation with birds.Kenny, is trying to bear in mind, the possibility of existing sincere love between them ,which is leading to more fantastic and beautiful imagination.
    2- The deep green color of the ambient, besides the light blue color of the heaven,
    assures kenny's ideas.Green color leads to more fertility and investment of this nice relation. The light blue color reflects much peace and quietness. 3-This beautiful composition enhances many wonderful human feelings and senses; love, sincerity, peace,
    nice hopes and very sweet dreams. Thanks Beatriz for this selection !!

  7. Hello dear Mohmis
    Your always so susceptible to find the real meaning inherent in the art.
    As you see in this painting the true marriage between man and nature, a topic in the artwork of Kenny, the relation between they is represented in this painting harmoniously, It´s confirmed by the colours of fertility, the feelings of peace and love reflected on this marvelous landscape and all details in it.
    Thanks and blessing to you dear philosopher.

  8. I like this painting much for its natural fee.

    Naval Langa

  9. Dear Friend BEATRIZ

    You can see some of my articles on paintings at these links.


  10. Thanks Naval for your links.
    They´re very interesting and they have a lot information about art. The art my passion.